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sober sprinters

A running club for sober curious, mindful drinking &
alcohol free gals to meet, run, explore London and eat cake!

Sober Sprinters Running Club was borne out of a passion for running,  Set up by Lucy Williams with the hope that she could support – and be supported by – other gals who are sick and tired of the drunk/hungover whirlwind of lethargy, anxiety and poverty that is so bloody normalised in our society.
It offers a social network to those who are totally alcohol free, are revaluating their relationship with booze or are simply looking for a friendship group to be a part of where drinking is NEVER on the agenda. It can be so exhausting feeling an unspoken pressure to drink at every event you ever attend. Friday night work drinks. Bottomless prosecco brunches with friends. Late Saturday nights clubbing. Sporting events in the pub, with endless pints of cider.
Sober Sprinters offers another option, and a chance to get fitter and take up a new hobby in the process. Whether you’ve run thirteen marathons or LITERALLY NEVER DONE A RUN IN YOUR LIFE (this is important, so I am shouting it), Sober Sprinters can be for you.
EVERYONE can run, it’s quite simply as easy as putting one foot in front of the other a liiiiiittle bit faster than usual. When I took it up, I ‘couldn’t run’. I could actually, only it was for about 20 seconds before I thought I’d better stop or I’d have a heart attack. Little by little that 20 secs became 30, became 60, became 5 mins, became a 5km, became 10km, became a half marathon. My next goal is the Brighton Marathon 2019 (LET’S GET IT). If I can do it, anyone can do it!
Come and join us for a run and see if you feel it. There is always a designated walker, so if you wanna walk the majority of the route with a trot or two here or there, that’s your call. If you wanna speed ahead and aim for a PB – also awesome! If the idea of running in a group to start is mind-bogglingly scary, shoot me a message and we can arrange to have a little jog one-on-one first. I’ve done this with quite a few ladies who now join us regularly and nothing makes me happier.
Sober Sprinters aims to be an inclusive, warm and friendly safe space, and we hope you’ll be a part of it!

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