Spiced Cuba Drop’s

There’s nothing quite like being a kid. Those memories of childhood carefree days are something we all love and cherish. And NOTHING, compares to that special magic of the sweetshop!

Pear drops is excellent as a stand alone soft drink but also works great as a mixer!

We were introduced to pear drops by Sanjay, one of the most friendliest, honest guys you could ever meet – whilst we loved the marvellous pear drops drink on its own Sanjay suggest we mix it with some Rum – after trying ronsin and a few others we settled on the perfect pairing lyres spiced cane

To create the spiced cuba pear drops simply add 25ml of Lyres Spiced Cane to 150ml of Marvellous Pear Drops soft drink and voilà, you can thank me later 😂