12 x Binary Botanical, 250ml 0.5% abv Table Beer.

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Binary Botanical superior table beer is quite simply delicious, with recognisable wine and cider notes and all the refreshing attributes of a traditional beer.

Introducing binary botanical the vegan, gluten free, sugar free wine-lovers’ beer.  Winner of the 2020 Free From Food Awards Gold, it is the ideal adult refreshment when you are looking for some guilt-free indulgence without the alcohol.  Perfect for cocktails and summer barbeques.  With a tropical aroma, tangy prosecco-like taste and clean finish, binary is unlike any beer you have tried before.

If you are not normally a beer lover – this could be the one for you!!

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At only 0.5% abv. binary zero has the same great fresh profile – light and refreshing with hints of passionfruit and white peach, and an exceptional tangy finish.  binary zero truly is the perfect alternative!

Please serve chilled, ideally no more than 4 degrees Celsius (non-alcoholic beers have a tendency to fizz if served too warm!)