Anon – Christmas Pudding 70cl

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Designed to capture the essence of the holiday season, our Alcohol Free Christmas Pudding Spirit is a delightful blend of complex flavors and botanicals. Whether you’re enjoying it on the rocks or mixing it into a festive mocktail, this 70cl bottle offers a unique and heartwarming experience.

Taste the Christmas Spirit
Relish the warming spiced spirit with hints of dark fruits, vanilla, and ginger. Perfectly capturing the essence of Christmas in a bottle.
Best served in a tall glass, over ice, topped with ginger ale or beer and a slice of fresh lime. Alternatively, savor it as a ‘mulled’ drink with warm apple juice.
Designed to be enjoyed on its own or mixed with other beverages for a delightful twist on traditional holiday drinks.
An excellent non-alcoholic Christmas gift, perfect for friends or as a special treat for yourself.

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