Bax Botanics – VERBENA




Verbena has a bright herbal flavour profile with hints of citrus, menthol and anise. Distilled in Yorkshire this alcohol-free treat makes a delicious aperitif with a lovely long finish on the palate. Classic Serve with tonic and cucumber or use with other mixers to create alcohol-free cocktails.

No sugar, no allergens, suitable for vegans. 50ml serving contains half a calorie



Appetizing and aromatic with bright herbal notes and a lovely long finish on the palate:  this is the distillation to stimulate your taste buds with its blend of complex and refreshing flavours.  Serve 1 part Bax’s to 3 parts lovely bubbly tonic over ice, and garnish with a curl of cucumber.


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Weight 3 kg
Single bottle / Add Mixer's ?

20cl Bottle, 50cl Bottle, 20cl with 12 mixed tonic, 4 flavours (+£13.99), 50cl with 12 mixed tonic, 4 flavours (+£13.99)