Brugse Zot Sport Belgian Alcohol Free Beer 0.4%

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Sportzot is the first alcohol-free Belgian speciality beer with a very rich and unique taste.

The new technique allows us to filter out the alcohol in a natural way, without distilling nor using other manipulations, we can assure the rich taste of our speciality beer. We are continuously asked about a tasty alternative for alcohol-free beer.

People are more and more aware of consciously enjoying tasteful beer. Thanks to a revolutationary new technique of filtering, we’ve succeeded to use Brugse Zot blond as our basis in order to create the tasteful alcohol-free SPORTZOT.

Also thanks to this revolutionary technique, we were able to conserve the authentic character with a fresh “hoppyness”, full taste without the sweetness. This way SPORTZOT can attract both sport fans and beer lovers.


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