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One of each of the 3 still Cognato wines – Red, White & Rose.

The Cognato Range currently consists of 3 alcohol free wines: Cognato Red, Cognato White and Cognato Rosé.

Our wines are produced in beautiful South Africa using grapes grown in the Coastal Region of the Western Cape. The grapes come from low yielding vineyards producing grapes with a high concentration of flavour that result in a full-bodied wine.

Making a great wine starts in the vineyard – without high quality grapes you cannot make a fantastic wine. This is especially important when making a non-alcoholic wine as you cannot hide any faults behind the alcohol.

Once we have a full bodied wine bursting with flavour, it is time to remove the alcohol from the wine.  The alcohol is carefully removed with a vacuum spinning cone process, which allows the alcohol to be removed without affecting the integrity of the wine. At the end of this process we have a wine that is full of flavour and aroma, but without any alcohol.

We are firm believers in the importance of sustainability, fair working conditions and a living wage throughout the supply chain.  This is why we have worked very hard in making all our wines Fairtrade certified. The Fairtrade certification means that wines are produced with regard to high social, economic and environmental requirements.

including: Oddbird, Cognato, Goodvines and Darling Cellars.

*if any wines are out of stock, we will swap with a like for like higher priced wine.

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