Easy Margarita Cocktail Kit

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4 x Bottles of Mocktails – Mockarita.

We use the finest ingredients, spices, and botanicals from around the world to bring the classic taste to you, but with a twist. You’ll have fun trying to pin down exactly what makes our take on the Margarita so delicious and fun. It’s definitely the taste of being on the beach, anytime for any reason.

2x botles of 5cl – Mockingbird Tequila.

Embodying the spirit of the Mockingbird, humbly mimicking the traditional taste of tequila, our non alcoholic alcoternative means you can still enjoy the taste of blue agave tequila whilst allowing you to have all the margaritas with none of the migraines.

Want 50cl of Mockingbird Tequila?

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