FLUERE–Original, Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit with Juniper, 70 cl

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• ALCOHOL FREE ALTERNATIVE. FLUÈRE Original bursts with carefully selected botanicals that
issue a complex yet balanced taste and ensure a unique after-bite that normally only alcoholic
drinks have. Both Juniper and Lime peel give a bright and fresh character to the nose whilst the
lavender and coriander add some herbal note’s.
• WELL BALANCED. Coriander, Juniper, Lavender and Lime peel will give you a complex but well
balanced taste.
• EASY TO MIX. For a FLUÈRE GIMLET you add 60 ml Fluère Original & 20 ml Lime cordial in a
mixing glass. Stir it for 10 seconds.Pour into a Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with cherry maraschino
on the bottom of a glass without cocktail stick.
• DISTILLED FRESH BOTANICALS. To get the best out of every branch, leaf and berry, all
botanicals, spices and fruit are individually distilled through so called hydrosteam distillation. The
essential oils derived from the distilling process ensure the premium taste and unique after-bite of
any drink made with Fluère.

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