Stillers, Celtic Myst, 70cl – Handmade, Copper Pot Distilled.


  • A herbal blend of piney, citrusy notes with a hint of rosemary,
  • Handcrafted in Great Britain – Traditional copper pot distillation using organic herbs and spices
  • Completely san alcohol at all stages for production
  • No added flavours, colours, sugar or sweeteners
  • Zero calories, Suitable for vegans
  • Gin-Esque… taste the true essence of the botanicals


The Celtic Nations are lands in Western Europe where Celtic cultural traits have survived. From Scotland (Alba) in the far north they span in a south westerly direction encompassing Ireland (Éire), Wales (Cymru), the Isle of Man (Mannin), Cornwall (Kernow) in South West England, Brittany (Breizh) in North west France, before sweeping over the Iberian Peninsula to Northern Portugal (Gallaecia) and regions in Northern Spain such as Galicia, Asturias, Léon and Cantabria. The Celts were a migratory people who came out of Asia Minor before establishing distinctive cultures on the fringes of Western Europe. Each culture had their own identity and harnessed the natural world in many mysterious ways. They were knowledgeable in the sciences. Chemical arts such as the process of distillation were learned from the many cultural interactions as they spread out across Asia Minor through the Persian and Arabian lands and into Western Europe. Overtime the Celts finetuned their own distillation methods giving rise to the uisque beatha associated with Scotland, Ireland and Wales and the eau de vie and Orujo synonymous with Brittany and Galicia respectively. These spirits have their origins in the locally grown botanicals primarily selected for their known healing properties. Medicinal herbs such as Juniper berries were used to condition stills used to make uisque beatha in Scotland while in Ireland the history of spirit making is known for unusual and wild yet native botanicals being foraged to make both Whiskeys and Gins. In Iberia cultural variations of the Orujo have led to the Aguardiente de Hierbas de Galicia which embodies herbs such as rosemary, coriander, orange and cinnamon, all redistilled after maceration in the Orujo base. Celtic Myst is a journey through the Celtic Nations picking up such botanical notes traditionally used to express the water of life.


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