Hocus – TIDAL RUM (40 drinks)

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The The Tidal Rum Dispenser offers 40 servings – equivalent to 2.9 bottles of spirits

The Hocus revolutionary dual function dispenser offering a full or low alcohol Craft Rum drink.
Carry this authentic Rum with you with you wherever you go…

1 x 30ml dual-function pump spray dispenser of authentic Craft Rum from The Tidal Rum
This Hocus spray dispenser makes up to  40 servings of low alcohol (<0.5ABV) Rum

The Hocus Dispenser is a revolutionary new way to serve your favourite drink/s. Imagine you get the urge for a gin and tonic? Simply pull out the Hocus Dispenser and add to your mixer for a lower alcohol spirit drink.

The Hocus Dispenser contains 30ml of concentrated premium crafter spirits, all of them award winning.

Each dispenser is dual action and contains 40 serves of low alcohol

Tidal Rum Concentrate

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