The Alcohol Free Co Ltd

Lucky Saint unfiltered lager 0.5% 10x330ml


0.5% UNFILTERED LAGER PROGRESSIVELY CRAFTED WITH OVER 400 YEARS OF PROUD BREWING HERITAGE, WE BRING YOU AN UNFILTERED BEER THAT’S ALCOHOL-FREE YET FULL OF FLAVOUR.LUCKY SAINT IS BORN OF BAVARIAN BARLEY, SINGLE-USE YEAST AND HALLERTAU HOPS FOR A UNIQUE LAGER THAT IS UNFILTERED AND UNCOMPROMISING.Our Process, Everything that we do here is informed by one very important thing: flavour. Each individual part of our brewing process has been precisely engineered to deliver beer that is alcohol-free, yet full of substance. No compromises. We learnt early on that there are no shortcuts to brewing the kind of beer that we aspired to. It took us two full years of experimentation until we felt our first beer had met our standards. Today, we’ve got the process down pat. It starts with punchy pilsner malt, fresh hallertau hops and our own bespoke yeast. We then step things up with a step mash. This allows us to extract the maximum fermentable sugars from the malt at increasing temperatures from 60° to 75°. Slowly but surely, the alchemy begins. Left unfiltered for a fuller flavour, we then begin distillation with A PATENTED VACUUM DISTILLATION PROCESS. By distilling the beer in a vacuum, it lowers the evaporation point of the alcohol, so there are none of the burnt flavours traditionally associated with alcohol-free beer. There are certainly easier ways to make beer, but if they don’t taste like this, why bother.