Lyre’s, Agave Blanco Spirit

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“Now, they tell me one can’t change their colours, but I think we can.I’m an optimist you see, always finding new ways to look at the world.An innate skill I suppose, not to toot my own trumpet or anything.”

How To Enjoy: Calling out all Margarita lovers, Perfect for a Paloma do you prefer grapefruit or rhubarb? A great option as a Collins or try a Bloody Maria for an early morning pickup!

To Taste: The palate is rich and full of character. Expressions of citrus, roasted agave and peppery spice dance around the mouth. Then pepper rushes through to create a mouthwatering finish, ready for the next sip.

Bouquet:  A distinct and complex bouquet. Aromas of lemon, saline, agave, chamomile and pine. The earthy tones and a Sichuan pepper-like spice that lift out of the glass promise good times ahead.

Palate: Zesty citrus and earthy pine and olive lead the way, followed by a distinctive agave, peppery finish. 

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