McGuigan Zero Chardonnay 0.0% Alcohol Free Wine 750ml

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Tasting Notes : Attractive aromas of white peach combined with subtle influences of vanilla and oak. The palate is intensely driven by stone fruit and honey melon flavours, with toasty oak ensuring a rounded, generous finish.

About Mcguigan: With our dedicated winemakers overseeing our Alcohol-Free Wine program, we have had
15+ years’ experience in Low/No alcohol wine production. Making alcohol-free wine starts with our winemakers
crafting the correct style and quality of wine required to produce the best alcohol-free wine possible. Post
fermentation, we use the latest spinning cone technology, working at low temperatures to gently remove the alcohol,
ensuring the wines maintain their delicate fruit flavours. Our wines are all grape-derived, with no artificial sweeteners or additives used in the process ensuring our alcohol-free wine is of the highest quality possible

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