NINE ELMS No.18 Ruby Velven

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NINE ELMS No.18 is an award-winning ruby velven – a new type of sophisticated non-alcoholic drink, designed to complement good food.

Made from a blend of the juice of 4 types of berry, aromatised with 20 botanical extracts and distillates, NINE ELMS No.18 is herbaceous and warmly-spiced with lovely red and black fruit character. Mouth-watering tannins, gentle acidity and gradually unfolding complexity make it a perfect match for many foods. Try it with antipasti, charcuterie, chargrilled vegetables, bbq, roasted meats and cheese.

NINE ELMS No.18 also works beautifully in a range of cocktails.

For a delicious NEW SPRITZ, add 75ml NINE ELMS No.18 to an ice-filed tumbler, top with a splash of good quality tonic and finish with a slice of orange. 


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