Nonsuch Shrub Non Alcoholic Aperitif Twin Pack 2 x 50cl

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Twin pack consisting of one each of these great Non Alcoholic Aperitif’s. Blood Orange & Bitter Lemon: An intense orange peel aroma, packed with citrus notes and a perfect sweet sour balance. A seductive bitterness gives great length and a moreish finish. Bittersweet Apple & Cardamon: A heady aroma of cardamom leads to a bittersweet forward palate; a racy acidity gives high drinkability with a clean, yet lingering finish. Nonsuch is a deliciously complex, all-natural blend of fruit, herbs and spple cider vinegar. Made using premium ingredients, our flavours embody a finely tuned balance of sweet, savoury and sour, offering incomparable taste and flavour, taking you on a jpurney to a whole new, modern drinking experience. With no added sugar, no alcohol, yet zero compromise on flavour, our Non Alcoholic Aperitif can be served as a refreshing long drink or can transform a classic spirit + mixer serve into an exotic cocktail.

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