San Miguel 0.0% Alcohol Free Lager 4X330ml

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    • San Miguel 0,0% is a pilsner style alcohol free lager imported from Spain. It is brewed with standard beer ingredients but the mashing parameters are adjusted to give less fermentable sugars, limiting the alcohol production.
    • San Miguel 0,0% alcohol free lager beer is bright golden in colour, has herbal, floral and cereal aromas, and hoppy grainy flavours with moderate bitterness and sweetness. Serve chilled at 2-4°C, in bottles or poured into a San Miguel chalice, of which the unique shape is designed to create and maintain a perfect head as well as channel the distinct aroma. San Miguel 0,0% bottles pair well with light dishes, such as salads or grilled chicken.
    • Winner of Best Spanish Alcohol Free Beer, World Beer Awards 2015.
    • 24 calories per 100ml
    • International Beer
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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