Silk Tree – Distilled Non-Alcoholic Irish Spirit 70cl

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At Silk Tree we’ve combined Irish ingenuity and natural alchemy to

create a wonderfully complex, aromatic non-alcoholic spirit.

Silk Tree is created by husband and wife team Andrew and Tracy when they decided to give up alcohol and opt for a healthier more fulfilled lifstyle.

Voted by BBC Good Food as the best tasing alcohol free spirit on the market, Silk Tree bursts with flavours making for a very harmonious and sophisticated drink when mixed with tonic, ginger or a wonderful base for crisp and elegant cocktails.

Ceylon cinnamon, coriander seeds, juniper berries, lemon verbena and Seville orange peel blend perfectly to create a warm and spicy, yet surprisingly refreshing drink with a kick!

Silk tree is100% natural using only fresh botanicals slowly distilled in small batches with neutral grain spirit and Irish spring water.

Silk Tree contains no preservatives, sugars, colourings or artificial flavours.

It does have an ABV of 0.5%

Only 6 cals per serve

Silk Tree is winning rave reviews from their rapidly growing fan base.

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