Torres Natureo Muscat De-Alcoholised Wine

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Natureo is the fruit of long term, placing Familia Torres at the forefront of high quality de-alcoholised wine since 2008. After a classic winemaking process in which the grapes are harvested and then fermented, an aromatic wine is obtained. The alcohol is then carefully removed, thus preserving its full aroma and flavour. A classic Spanish white muscat with 0.0% alcohol and less than half the calories of a normal wine.

For those who want to enjoy all the flavour of wine with the minimum of alcohol.

Delicate aroma of golden apples. Smooth, luscious, but fresh on the palate with a sensual nuance reminiscent of quince jam. Excellent as an aperitif; wonderful with all kinds of fish, seafood and rice dishes.

Vegan friendly.

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